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CND del carbonio
« il: Febbraio 12, 2010, 10:09:43 am »
disponibile un servizio di scansione di telai e pezzi in carbonio ...

usando infrarossi posso essere fatto controlli non distruttivi sul particolare

riporto dal loro sito :

Different carbon frame wall thickness is colorcoded represented, just like pores or accident damages.

The development, to design nearly all attachments of a carbon frame from CFK material, is very dangerous. Safety-relevant construction units, for example saddle bracket or fork, are loaded on bend. But, CFK material advantage is tensile load. Bending forces should be avoided. In order to guarantee the quality, a non destructive examination of these parts should be accomplished.

We perform quality controls fast and competently. The measurement of a saddle bracket cost about 50 euros, a carbon fork 70 euros, a carbon frame 100 euros. (Net prices without transport costs). All further combinations or independent devices are offered on request.

usano questa tecnica :

Active Thermography

The active thermography uses the collection of heat radiation of samples after or during energy admission. Introducing energy in a sample can be carried out with different techniques. Apart from the hot air flowing the following excitation sources can be used: halogen rays, flash lamps, laser as well as inductive excitation of components and the coupling with high performance ultrasound.

The real measuring effect is that the homogeneous diffusion of the heat front is handicapped by possible inhomogeneities like delaminations, cracks or density differences etc.

In case of inductive excitation changes of the flow density occur because of surface cracks, which lead to local temperature alterations at the crack tips.