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This site, in fact the ancestor of this site, was born in 1999 during my second cross country season. My amateur sport level, not of high level, aroused some interest on many of my friends and fellow graduate students who wanted to know every Monday of my results, often not quite triumphant.


One day I decided to combine my passions (cycling and Internet) telling on a rudimentary ICQ precompiled page my athletic events, so that all could see what happened in the race weekend. (Editor's note This was the ancestor of the blogs so popular today!). With great surprise I discovered almost immediately that the site visitors increased day by day and often getting, compliments and messages that encouraged me to go further with this project.


So I decided to open next to the more personal section areas of public interest containing events calendars, charts, photographs and actual weights of the components weighted mainly with the electronic scale. This last section was the most successful: in fact at that time fans were beginning to be aware that often were "duped" by the manufacturers of frames and components that declared weights far from reality.The possibility to check the weight detected by a third party, that was not the producer or seller, in those days was absolutely revolutionary.


The movement of the "real weight" in Italy was virtually absent: only a few American forum on the net (the famous Save Some Weight of MTBReview and the german Weight Weenies  German treated with a certain expertise in the topics related to the lightness of more or less extreme bicycle . I tried to import and distribute such passion by exposing the first tables of weights recorded. The contacts grew further and this time came from all over the world: from a few dozen to several hundred per day in 2002 so I decided to acquire the domain www.monticone.it to give the site a little more professional aspect.


In December 2004, called and harassed by Andrea and Mauro, two of the most "afficionados" users of the site (Editor's note: now among the moderators of the Light Bikes Forum), sick of being singled out and marginalized in the forums more generalists (the fashion of the moment was the freeride, full suspensions and the dual crown forks), I decided to open a forum largely devoted to the lightening and the tuning of bikes and "standard" components. It was born the Monticone Bike Forum! Finally also the Italians "Weight Weenies" had a (virtual) place where to find, discuss and exchange ideas.


The results of all this? Five years after the acquisition of the domain www.monticone.it boasts more than 850,000 contacts with a daily average of 1000 hits, while just over a year and a half Monticone Bike Forum already had about 270 registered users, 90,000 total visits, 20,000 posts in 2,000 threads ...Not bad for a niche, right? From September 2006 the site and the forum completely change the platform, the first obtains a more professional look and functionality, the latter finally becomes completely independent from the circuit that offered free hosting in exchange for oppressive pop-up ads.


In May 2007 I decided to change the URL to the forum abandoning my name (www.monticone.it will remain active as a personal site dedicated to competitive amateurs) giving birth to the Light Bikes Forum. This forum takes up the valuable database of the parent and aims to continue to be the ultratechnic reference point dedicated to the bikes. (MTB and Road specials).

In the summer of 2007 finally comes to life the portal www.light-bikes.it containing "news" (news on bikes and components), "Test and Review" (technical papers and tests of esoteric bicycle components) "Weight Listings" and "Photos On The Scale "(lists and photos of real weights of components detected on electronic scales), 'Light Bike Gallery" (with photo galleries of complete lightweight bicycle with parts lists and weights), "Videos" with footage of the presentations of products and bicycles,racing and business of the owners of light bikes.

In April 2012, after a period of poor updates and technical problems, at last the www.light-bikes.it portal re-borns and evolves with a new graphic design thanks for the vital Matteo's contribution that oversaw the new informatic platform.

We still have a lot of other interesting ideas for the future: if you like our work please come back often, we will not disappoint you!

Marco Monticone and staff of the moderators of the LBF

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