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SRAM is back again, after having introduced 2x10 a few seasons ago, this time is making things even simpler with a 1×11 setup called “XX1″.

It is a MTB transmission with a single chainring coupled to a 11 speed cassette. The rear cassette shows an innovative smaller gear of 10 teeth and an even more incredible huge 42 teeth gear. The XX1 group can be controlled by a Grip Shift or by a trigger shifter system.

The goal of the SRAM engineers is to build a group easier, lighter and more durable than any other.





XX1 cassette

The first and only of its kind, the XX1 cassette has a range of cogs from 10 to 42 teeth. The 11-speed X-Dome ™ offers an incredibly wide gear ratios, while maintaining up-shift and down-shift optimized. The main structure is derived from a single block of steel meticulously CNC machined, and the last huge 42-tooth sprocket is made of aluminum alloy. The claimed weight is about 260 grams.

Here are the details of the cog's number of teeth: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42.
It is important remember that due to peculiarities of the sprocket, you need a free wheel hub dedicated to mount the XX1 cassette, which at the moment is only available for the DT Swiss and SRAM hubs. Other brands will follow shortly.



 SRAM XX1 Cassette

XX1 crankset

The crankset driven by a carbon crankarm with removable spider, is characterized by a very particular chainring equipped with teeth in different thickness (alternate) which fit perfectly in the inside and outside chain links and which have the function to stabilize and prevent swings that may lead to the fall of the chain. According to the SRAM technicians this technology (X-Sync ™) would avoid the assembly of the chain guide that is indispensable with the traditional single chainring.

The chainring size available are 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 or 38 teeth.

The claimed weight of the complete crankset with bottom bracket is about 650 grams.


SRAM XX1 Crank




XX1 rear derailleur

The uncommon rear derailleur thanks to X-HORIZON™ technology keeps the chain gap constant across all 11 gears, providing fast, precise shifts. By limiting all movement to the horizontal axis, this design is faster, reduces shift force and eliminates ghost shifting. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology reduces bounce and chain slap. CAGE LOCK™ technology makes wheel removal and installation easier than ever before. The claimed weight of the rear derailleur is 220 grams.





XX1 Grip Shift e trigger shifter XX1

This is of course a single command to change back only, available in grip shift or trigger. The first adopts a handle wide and safe as well as ball bearings provide zero friction or play-reducing the force needed to shift and promoting long-term performance under all weather conditions.

The trigger seems the copy of the XX model and adopt the same stylish carbon cover. It is compatible with the matchmaker mounting system.


SRAM XX1 Grip Shift

 SRAM XX1 Trigger


XX1 chain

The chain XX1 collects the experience of a long evolution of SRAM products. It is a specific component for 1x11 with a new surface finishing to provide maximum strength and reliability. The closure is ensured by a 11 speed Power Lock.


SRAM XX1 Chain


The SRAM XX1 group will be available from October 2012.

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